NEWS: Publications, projects, meetings, etc.


Several projects are being carried on the systematics and taxonomy of Simuliidae at the NHM. In addition, few other proposal/ideas are being penned at present. Some of the details is as follows:


  • Hernández, L.M. (2011). Systematics
    of the blackfly subgenus Trichodagmia Enderlein
    (Diptera: Simuliidae: Simulium) in the New World.
    PhD thesis, Wageningen University,
    Wöhrmann Printing Services, 546 pp.


  • Hernández-Triana, L.M.,
    Rodríguez-Pérez, M.A., Chaverri, L.G., Gregory, R.T., & Hebert, P.N.D. [2012, Submitted]. Use of new primers
    for recovering DNA COI barcode data from old, pinned museum of blackflies
    (Diptera, Simuliidae). Molecular Ecology


  • Hernández-Triana, L.M., Crainey,
    J.L., Hall, A., Fatih, F., Mackenzie-Dodds, J., Shelley, A.J., Zhou, X., Post,
    R.J., Gregory, R.T. & Hebert, D.N. [2012,
    In press]. The utility of DNA barcoding
    for species identification within the blackfly Subgenus Trichodagmia Enderlein (Diptera: Simuliidae: Simulium) and
    related taxa in the New World. Zootaxa


  • Montes de Oca, F. & Hernández, L. M. [2011, In
    press]. Guia para la identificación de insectos acuáticos del Lago Nahuel
    Huapi, Patagonia, Argentina. Capitulo 8.3: Simuliidae.  Parques
    Nacional Nahuel Huapi, Patagonia, Argentina
    , 13 pp.
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